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Bro Derrick.cultbustersgalactica

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The main thing that brings me to these 'cult-exposing' sites is the fact that i was a member of a Pentecostl Holiness Organization of churches began by one man: R.W. Davis of New Testament Christian Churches of America. I went to the Bible College to be a licensed preacher with the organizationa nd focused mainly on Servicemen's Work. In time I saw the gradual emphasis of Business in the Ministry for profit, and the domination of the 'Leader's' personal family as the recipient of all wealth and power derived from his 'ministry'. Since my own departure from the ranks of NTCC, I have found by a more particular reading of Scripture, that such personal organizations of churches indeed fit the defined elements of cultism in their practices, if not so openly in their stated 'Doctrines'. My love of God's Word and His truth helps me to expose any such cultish tendencies of ministries that are based more on man's ideas and teachings and practises, rather than on what God has to say about it all in His Word.

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