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    So nice to have you here. I guess you know better than most the evils of cults and the it is so nice you are sharing this information with others who may fall prey to this kind of thing. I remember you from FN as one of the few who really was preaching the Lords message, so I am really happy to see you here. I did not write on your message as I wanted it to be the last message there for a while, but I did read it and it was very well done. Thanks for being here.


    Reply from Bro Derrick:
    Hello Sharon,

    Thank you very much indeed. I really appreciate the fact that you noticed my efforts have been focused on Bible Teaching exposing false ministering.

    When I departed from that group myself, it was the Bible and prayer that helped me to see the error of 'our' ways. I didn't start it nor develope it, but I cetainly bought into it wholeheartedly (much like Saul had with the Rulers of the Sanhedrin), who then also spent considerable time after his conversion searching the Scriptures as Jesus said, to see how they had gotten it all so wrong in the name of 'doing God service'.

    You were on Factnet too. May I ask your background? What you are doing today? I just recently began attending a local church here in Houston after looking around for quite a while. They are the larger sort with modern-type worship services, but also the Pastor has not left the Bible and the dependence upon the Scriptures in his preaching and teaching. So I like it as the best of both worlds. It's a blessing, and the people are free to come & go as they please, and there is real feeding for the sheep if & when people do come.

    Thanks again and good to hear from you, and please feel entirely free to post anything. I enjoy have good things added and good challenges to come to the truth by, such as Rory's efforts on apostleships.

    Sincerely, Bro Derrick (Robert in Houston, Tx)